Phone Chat with Amilie

Had been enjoying chatting with Amilie on the phone while I was outside. Be it waiting for the bus or just slogging at work. Her voice just brought warmth to my heart.

Amilie is now able to converse very well with me.

Here's what we chat one night while I was waiting for the bus (was working OT).
A: Mummy! (Aww! Love her voice when she call me 🙂 )
M (in mandarin): What are you doing? (Amilie knows 3 languages, Cantonese, English & Mandarin and she understands it enough that she can interpret it in another language (Hehe! I am proud of her))
A: Talking on the phone
A: How come not back yet? (Imitating her daddy)
M: Coming back already. What is didi doing?
A: Bathing , Wash hair
M: Didi bathing ah? Girl girl bathe already?
A: Bathe finish already
M: What is Papa doing?
A: Papa doing something
Then mummy ask Amilie to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for mummy. Think she only know the 1st 2 sentences with a blur-ish tune after the 2nd sentence. Next is the ABC (Though she knew all the alphabets she doesn't sing pass the 2nd sentence) 🙂 Next is London Bridge (Also the same) and lastly The Barney I Love You
A: I love you, You love you! (She is still very confuse with the you and me. 🙂 )

Sometimes its fun to hear her talk and marvel at how my lil' girl had grown and spoken more than I expected! 🙂

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4 comments on “Phone Chat with Amilie”

  1. How old is she? Qianyi still doesn't talk much although she's already three and a half. My neighbour's son is worse, he's 5 now but still blabbering... I do hope Qianyi will be able to answer my question soon when I ask her "how was your day?" after fetching her from school.

  2. Amilie is 31 mths. Oh! Probably she is the much talkative 1. That's a relief for me though, cos' Izaac's wasn't speaking that well when he around Amilie's age. Phew!

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