Note To Future Boyfriend

Dearest Future Boyfriend,

Before you really become my boyfriend, you have to support Liverpool Football Club. Surprised or shocked? Well, as the start of the EPL new season, my dad started brainwashing my brother and I with his LFC again . Saying that we have to support LFC, including you, Dearest Boyfriend. Though it sound ridiculous (which I agree with you), please for the sake of our future, do support LFC, will ya? Not only this, you do need also a "strong" heart to 'handle' my crazy parents. There are chances where they will tease and make fun of you. But not to worry, my mummy would be more merciful towards you than my brother's future girlfriend for the sake of my future. Isn't that a good news for you? Ok, that's all I could gather for now. Would inform you again once I got more tips.... In the meantime, do watch more soccer.....

Your Cute Girlfriend

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