Meeting With Amilie's Teacher

Amilie doesn't have any class today. Instead, it's meet the teacher session today. We brought Amilie to meet the teacher in the morning. We were a bit late for the time slot allocated to us. Mdm Mas, Amilie’s form teacher was waiting for us when we reached there.

Mdm Mas gave us a file with Amilie’s work. Next, she told us Amilie is a very helpful girl and doesn’t give her any problems. She understands the instructions given by the teacher and able to convey the instructions to her fellow classmates. Mdm Mas also mentioned that she would correct her classmates if they did not follow the correct instruction. She is teacher’s little assistant.

Think Amilie is doing fine in school with Mdm Mas good comments on her. The teacher even give her thumbs up for her good behave in class. hehe

Here’re the comments written by her form teacher:
“Amilie is a very well behaved pupil and always acts in a sensible manner. She is able to do her work well at all times. She is also able to follow instructions. Good Job!”

Though we didn’t talk to Amilie’s Chinese teacher, she had written some comments in the checklist in the file.

Here’re the comments written by her form teacher, translated into Chinese by me:
“Holding pencil is strong, attentive in class, able to follow teacher’s instructions and complete her tasks. Communicate well with her classmates.”

However, Amilie’s Chinese teacher does have some areas of concern:
“Her recognition of Chinese Characters needs some improvement”

Hmm… guess I was letting her learning alphabets at home and forgotten about Chinese Characters. Think would have to find some ways to let her pick up on Chinese Characters.

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