Kids and Rides

Amilie loved the children rides a lot. Every time when Amilie saw the children rides, she would want to sit. I would have to hold her hands tightly each time in case she ran to her rides.

Here's pictures of her taken on the day we went to the Bee Movie. Brought her to the amusement park next to the cinema.

She was ecstatic to see so many children rides and she wanted to try on every rides. Told her that she is only able to choose one to ride. And she chose this.

She is just like a boy, wanting to ride a bike. Girl, I doubt Papa would be likely to let you ride on a real bike.

She went on to try the other rides and even make friends with other children enjoying the rides too. keke

After the rides, she even wanted to ride the 'car' outside Toys 'R' Us. Didn't get any pictures as I need to help her control the car. 😉 And where ever she saw the rides, she told me she wanted to. And in the end I tod her that I didn't have any coins left. And she was willing to go home. Luckily she wasn't that stubborn when we reason out with her. 🙂

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One comment on “Kids and Rides”

  1. Hey.. MT,
    You know .. my chloe is real funny with the rides.. 😉 she donch mind sitting on the rides.. but you can't put money into it.. muahahhaha!! thus it is a win, win situation for us.. 😉

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