Jigsaw Puzzle & Amilie

Amilie got her first set of Jigsaw Puzzle last 2 weeks ago. It’s a free gift from Drypers. And she loved it. It’s a 6 pieces puzzle each of different animals. The first time she played it, I guided her along most of the time, after 3 to 4 days of playing the puzzles, she could actually complete the puzzle with minimal guidance from me.

See how she concentrating on fixing the jigsaw puzzle (I told her to keep into the box every time she completed an animal.

As we see how much she had enjoyed playing with the puzzles, we purposely went to buy some more puzzles for her to play. She took few days to “master” the jigsaw puzzle. Now, she is able to quietly fix the puzzle on her own. Think we can buy more pieces for her next time. 😉

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