Jamming Amilie

Whatever we eat, Amilie and Izaac would want a bit of it. Amilie recently wanted to eat bread with jam. Actually her main purpose is to have jam. And especially like to eat on her own.

Came back home one evening and told me she's eating jam. And 1 look at her, I quickly took out my handphone and snap a picture of her. See how much she had enjoyed the jam that almost every part of her face want to have a share of the jam.

And she was quite happy that her face and hands are covered with jam. Eeks!

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4 comments on “Jamming Amilie”

  1. Alas..! this is one area.. that i wish my brat is like other kids.. willing to try new stuff..! not my brat..! she refuses.. just about anything.. and everything..!

  2. Haha, Amilie tried anything except chilli but sometimes I would try to persuade her to try the chilli. Izaac tried any food even chilli. That's my 2 greedy kids. 😉

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