Conversations with Amilie

It's fun to have conversations with Amilie.

M (Lazy to move): Help mummy take the bag.
A (Tried to carry but too heavy): cannot,very heavy
M (No choice have to move myself)

A (walking around with the newspaper that Papa left on the floor)
P: Amilie, what are you doing?
A: I am reading newspaper
And she sat down trying to act as if she's reading the newspaper and Papa speechless.

Recently, while lying on the bed with Amilie, we chatted about the trip to Chinese Garden. (Actually I was just trying to make her sleep and I found it work very well 😉 )
M: Was it fun to the Chinese Garden?
A: Yes
M: Got Play "Jump Jump Jump" right?
A: Yes, got a lot of football
M: Got a lot huh?
A: Mmm
M: Girl girl cry cry right?
A: Mmm
M: Why girl girl cry cry?
A: Korkor naughty, hit girl girl
M: Oor, hit girl girl eyes ah? Then korkor got sayang girl girl right? (Saw a small boy go and sayang Amilie)
A: Jiejie sayang Girl Girl
(Jiejie??!!) (Was my memory failing or what?)
Anyway, she fell asleep after that.

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4 comments on “Conversations with Amilie”

  1. sometime they r too cute .. i can imagine that, cant wait till my boy can speck .. must be very fun and noisy.

    btw, i just tagged u ...

  2. They are really funny. Waiting for the day to hear both of my kids chat with each other. Think it would be even more funny.

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