Bicycle for Christmas

Amilie saw the tricycle advertisement from the Carrefour's promotion leaflet and pointed out that she wanted to have one of the tricycle.

M: Tomorrow (hubby was working that evening) you tell Papa that you want the bicycle.
A: Orh, tell Papa girl girl want bicycle

I forgotten the whole thing till the next evening, when PapaTang told me that Amilie told him that she wanted to have the bicycle. Actually I was quite surprised that she would still remember it, (and I was the one who had forgotten about it). And PapaTang, unknowingly, had told her to seek approval from me before getting the tricycle. (Poor gal!)

Discussed with PapaTang that we would get 1 tricycle for her as a Christmas gift. Then she could probably went for a ride at the void deck.

When we reached home after dinner (we had dinner outside), Amilie was enthusiatic to 'remind' PapaTang of her 'request' and well, we told her we would get her the tricycle if she is well-behaves and don't bully her lil' brother. (Which I doubt she would remember 😉 )

Not sure whether she understand when is Christmas, but I guess she wouldn't mind waiting since she is sure that she would be getting a tricycle...

Now, think I can start looking for a 'perfect' tricycle for the kids.

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4 comments on “Bicycle for Christmas”

  1. Heheh!! when chloe started to remember things.. from a week ago.. i was quite shocked too.. but children are so's truly amazing.. what they say.. and think.. 🙂

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