Barney Epic

Finally bought the Barney soft toy! 🙂 Bought it at Clementi at those "Pasar Malam Stall" @ $8. And it can sing the "I love you" song when the tummy is pressed.

We were guessing what's Amilie's reaction would be when she saw it. (She wasn't with us.) And we were discussing that she is not so willing to share her toys with didi.

How? She took away all her toys when she saw didi near them. (Don't let him touch). When her hands are full, and she is in her hurry to prevent her lil' bro from taking her toys, she simply throw it to the other side of the safety gate. Geez
[singlepic id=911 w=320 h=240 float=center]

So hubby thought of teaching Amilie to share her things with didi that night (The night we bought Barney). When we reached home, we showed Izaac the soft toy (he wasn't faze about it though) and well Amilie took it. When we asked her to share with didi, she refused.

M: Share with didi ok?
A: Don't want share with didi
M: Cannot like this one, you share with didi, didi also share with jiejie
A: Don't want share with didi
D: You don't want share with didi then cannot have Barney
A: (Wanting to cry) Don't want share with didi
Hubby took the Barney away
D: Share with didi
A: (Tears in her eyes) Don't want share

(After few moments of 'Tug-of-War')
M: Share with didi ok
A: Don't want share (Crying out loud)

Grandma come in (we are in the room) upon hearing Amilie's cries and took Amilie away after she refused to stop crying and still refuses to share. *slaphead*

1 hour later....

Amilie came back in the room again 🙂

M: Share with didi ok
A: (Considering)
M: Share with didi then play Barney
A: Share with didi
*Applause* FINALLY! 🙂

Gave Amilie the toy and she ran off with it. Forgetting about the teaching already. And yap! Not sharing with didi Haiz

Few days later, I caught Amilie fighting over a book which Izaac was reading. As usual, she won.

M: Share with didi
A: Don't want share (Back facing me)
M: Share with didi or wait Papa take your Barney
Izaac got his book back. keke

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  1. when having 2 kids, always facing this sort of sharing problem oo...i wonder next time how i can cope with this sibling rivalry..

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