Are you tired?

Was clearing the pictures off my camera and saw this picture. Had forgotten that I wanted to blog about it!

Can you guess what is it?
[singlepic id=1495 w=320 h=240 float=center]

It's me! Covered from head to toe! It only took me to say 1 sentence to become a dumpling by Amilie.

What's the magic sentence? I only told her, "Mummy want to sleep already."
Amilie helped me cover up with blanket (she does it everytime when I said I am cold), and she make sure that I am well covered, not a single toe is exposed to the 'cold air'. Next she covered my eyes with pillow so that it would be dark to sleep. Making sure that every bright corners are well covered, she added in her soft toys.

Hubby was at the bathroom when she did all this and I had to keep still so that he is able to take a picture of Amilie's workart when he came in the room. While waiting for him, I did shifted a bit so that I have a small hole to breathe. You can imagine how well covered I am! Hehe

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8 comments on “Are you tired?”

  1. Wah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    So funny!!! And so sweet n thoughtful of Amilie. you must be feeling so blissful under the blanket and the pillow.

  2. i thought it must be another funny idea of mummy on amilie but...

    who knows it's e other way round....


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