Amilie's questions

Recently, everything that Amilie sees, she want to know what is it? But sometimes I am just caught in her questions and yap don't know how to answer.

Recently, everything Amilie sees, she would ask:

Last weekend, went to my mum's place and Izaac dismantled my bro's lego toy while he wasn't around (he's that violent 😉 ) My bro cried when he came back after his lessons. Amilie saw him crying and she asked my mum and me.

A: What happen to JiuJiu?
Mum: Jiujiu cry loh
A: Jiujiu cry cry ah?
A: Why cry?
Mum: Jiujiu toy spoil already loh...
Mum: Is it Girl Girl make spoil one (We call her girl girl at home)?
A: No
A: Not Girl Girl make spoil one
A: Boy Boy make spoil one (pointing at Izaac as she say this)

This evening, as I was packing my sanitary pads (I normally unpacked from the packaging and put it in the cupboard) Amilie was beside me.

A: What you doing?
M (Keep quiet & pretends not to hear her)
A: What you doing?
M (Knowing she wouldn't stop till she get some reply) : Mummy's things
A: Mummy's things (seems to be observing)
M: Yes, mummy's things
A: Mummy's Pampers ah?
Hubby laughing away. Argh! Me? Speechless...

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