Amilie's 4th Birthday

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Time really flies, Amilie's already celebrated her 4th Birthday this January. Couldn't really remember why we didn't went out in the day. Probably we had to work that day. 🙂

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We celebrated her birthday at home in the evening. Bought her the Disney Princess Ice-Cream Cake from Swensen. She was into Snow White at the time. 😉

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Amilie is all excited with the cake and her birthday. Can see that she was really happy to be celebrating her birthday with her favourite Princess.

Here's a video clip of her birthday song. Got the kids to give out the cake to the adults but Amilie's mind was on her Snow White that she doesn't want to leave her seat. Instead, Izaac was the one giving out the cake.

And of course, everyone's waiting to eat the ice-cream. And the kids do enjoy the cake.
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