Amilie & Izaac - Meaning behind their names

Well, both names (Amilie & Izaac) were chosen when I was pregnant with Amilie. (Not sure the gender of my bb, to playsafe, I chose 1 name for each gender)
We decided that if the baby is a boy, the first letter of the name would follow the mother. (that's me!) And if it's a girl, the first letter would follow the father.
Amilie - From the name Emilie which means Industrious, Ambitious
Izaac - From the name Isaac which means Laughter, Happiness
Very coincidentally, within the names for both Amilie & Izaac, consists of 2 letters of both the parents.
For Amilie, A - same as papa, 2 letter I same as mama
For Izaac, I - same as mama, 2 letter A same as papa
So that's the special meaning for the little ones. 😛

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