Potty To Toilet

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Other when they are asleep, the rest of the time, the children potty trained. They are able to use the potty and able to hold themselves when they want to go to toilet. Recently, we decided to change to let the kids use the toilet instead of the potty.

We bought a child toilet seat for the kids so that they will not feel that they are going to fall down into the toilet bowl when they used the toilet. For the first few days, both the kids were alright using the toilet for peeing but they had problems when it comes to poo.

Amilie was able to overcome that after a few days of letting her sit at the toilet seat and now she does not use the potty anymore but Izaac couldn’t poo when he sits on the toilet seat. Couldn’t really understand what’s the reason was. At first, I thought that he was not used to using the toilet seat but once when we were at my friend’s house, he did poo at the toilet.

Too bad, when he was back at home, he still couldn’t poo. He preferred to poo at the comfort of his small potty than at the toilet. Guess he would need some time before he is ready to use the toilet. And the next step for Amilie is to stop using diapers at night instead.

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