Amilie's 1st Day Nursery Class

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It's Amilie's 1st day of school at the Nursery Class. Since Amilie was able to get used herself to the environment when she started Playgroup, I was sure that Amilie had no problem going to Nursery Class.

True enough, Amilie dressed in the new uniform, with her school bag, well prepared for her first day at the Nursery.

Amilie took off her own shoes and placed it nicely in the shoe cabinet upon entering the class.
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Next, the teacher asked Amilie to sit with her other classmates and play with the toys. Some students were crying, some just sat there playing with the toys. Amilie sat down near to her friend from the playgroup, which had become one of Amilie's good friends. Sometimes she would narrate things happening to her and her friends.
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While Amilie was playing with the toys, I started to glance around the classrooms and managed to take picture of a cute kitchen play area.
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Since most of the children were comfortable in class, the teacher suggested us to wait outside of the class. Amilie even waved happily to me when she saw me standing outside the class.

After the class, I took some pictures of Amilie outside the classroom and she showed me the sticker that the teacher gave to her before going back home.
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Guess Amilie’s having a good time at school.

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