Outing To Motherhood Exhibition 050609

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I was really excited when I received an email telling me that Izaac had been selected as one of the contestants for the Motherhood Exhibition’s Little Prince Charming 2nd Semi-Final. I had actually mailed out the kids' photos only few days before the closing date. Too bad Amilie didn’t get selected for the contest. Here are the pictures that I mailed out for the contests.
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However, when I read further, I realized that there is an Interview and Q&A session. I was thinking that Izaac was so shy that I think he would not be able to answer any questions. Nevertheless, I still let him participate in the contest to let him have some “experience”.

As it was the first time that I had signed the kids up for any contest, I didn’t know what to expect of the contest so I didn’t prepare Izaac on anything.

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