6th Prenatal Visit on 28th May 2009

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I am about 28 weeks pregnant now. Mummy’s weight is 47kg and Dr Chan said baby’s weight about 1kg. It should be a small baby like my second pregnancy. From the scan, the weight indicates 1059g. I compared against Amilie’s and Izaac’s and it’s around the same as Izaac’s. I could feel more and more movement of the baby now.

Still feeling tired easily and appetite had not changed much. I had not much cravings for food on wee hours. Just that sometimes we would order delivery when feeling hungry in the middle of the night. I feel thirsty most of the time and I kept drinking a lot of water to quench my thirst. In return, sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night and unable to get back to sleep after going to the toilet.

My next visit will be 3 weeks later as of 28th May 2009.

Just some thought:
I went for Manicure and Pedicure recently and the manicurist told me that some of her customer don’t do nail polish when they are pregnant or within one month after they had given birth. I wasn’t sure about it. So I went home to do a research about it. It seems that there were saying that the chemicals in the nail polish that could be harmful to the fetal development but there were no prove of it yet. Some articles do indicate that it’s alright to polish the nails but it’s better to do it at a well-ventilated salon.

So whether is nail polish safe for pregnancies, it’s up to the individual to decide. I guessed I won’t be going for the next manicure and pedicure after my confinement now.

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