BBQ Chicken @ Downtown East

We went to Downtown East for dinner and decide to eat at BBQ Chicken. As there were 3 adults and 2 kids, we decided to order the Combo Jumbo Family Meal which consists of 8 pieces of combination of “Original Crispy”, “Hot Hot Drum” & “Korean Charbroiled Chicken”. The combo set consists of the French fries and coleslaw.

The waiting time wasn’t long before we were served with our dinner. The fries and coleslaw were placed our table first. We ate the coleslaw after we had the chicken.

I tried the Korean Charbroiled Chicken and I liked the taste a lot. The sauce that was used to marinate for the Korean Charbroiled Chicken was sweet and nice. It was definitely to my liking.

The original crispy was different from the crispy chicken at KFC. The chicken was nice but I still prefer the charbroiled chicken I had. The kids had the original crispy and do they like it? Sure they do!

The last chicken is the hot drum. I did not taste that as according to hubby, it was very spicy. It was actually the original crispy chicken drum spread with the spicy chili sauce. However, our helper was able to take the spiciness of the chicken. See how hubby’s picture after eating the spicy hot drum.

Something to mention for the side dish, the coleslaw, it was very delicious and tasty and hubby finished the whole plate alone.

Well, one thing is the cost of the meal, it’s more costly as compared to the regular family fast-food and we would think it’s not a meal that can be eaten every other day.

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