Izaac's 3 Years Old Development Assessment

Izaac went for his 3 years old development assessment on 20th June 2009. His certificate of vaccination was stapled in his health booklet and was told by the nurse not to lose the certificate as he will need it when registering to school maybe even up to university. His weight is 14kg and height 96cm. He is growing well according to the nurse. The nurse used a small torchlight and asked Izaac to follow the light to see whether there was any squint. Everything is fine for Izaac.

She also asked whether Izaac is able to climb up the stairs without assistance and whether he is able to speak in sentences with 4 syllables. Next she asked whether he is taking rice and also advised that to encourage him to drink the milk from cup instead from the milk bottle as it might affect the development of the teeth. The nurse also said that music can improve his memory.

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