Checklist For Baby

32 weeks pregnant now, we have started to prepare for things in welcoming the new baby. So in preparation for the new baby, I had created for myself a checklist. In case we missed out on any items.

For Sleep:
Baby Crib & Mattress – Using back the crib that the kids used the other time. Bought new crib form mattress with ventilation recently.
Mattress Sheet Cover – Bought 2 extra covers apart from the sheets.
Pillow & Bolster (Optional) – 1 small pillow & 2 bolsters in a set
Casing for Pillow & Bolster – Bought matching cases as the mattress sheet cover
Blanket/Comforter – We still had the blankets that the kids used when they were just a baby. We bought a new comforter that match with the new pillow case.

I had to buy some new sets of clothes for the baby as I had passed all the clothes to relatives or friends. As baby grows very fast, I prefer Hand-Me-Down clothes. However, I wasn’t able to find who is able to pass down their baby clothes this time. Anyone got any good condition Hand-Me-Down clothes? keke
Pajamas – Bought 2 piece set as I think it’s easier to change out of
Short sleeves shirt – A few shirt to be worn during the day. Prefer button shirt as it’s easier to change out when the baby is lying down.
Shorts – Bought a few but think the frequency of wear short is few as baby will be using cloth diapers.
Booties & Mittens – Bought a lot of mittens base on past 2 experiences as the babies tend to suck their hand.

Cloth Diapers – The cloth diapers will be used during the day time at home
Disposable Diapers – The disposable diaper will be used during the night and also when going out.
Diaper Liner – For the use of cloth diapers and easier to wash the cloth diapers if the baby poo.
Wet Wipes – Will be ordering a few cartons from Cheong Choon as it will be cheaper.

Bath & Face Towels – We haven’t bought the towels yet. Think have to get the towels some day.
Shampoo & Bath – Will be using the same shampoo and bath as the kids.

Bottles – 1 for milk another small 1 for the water.

Baby Gear
Pram – Still using back the pram which the kids used as it was still in good condition
Car Seat – We had a baby carrier which can be used as a car seat for the baby which we bought when Amilie was a baby.

Well, I think that’s all the items I need for the baby. Hope I did not miss out any!

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