Pre-Reunion Dinner

This evening, we had a dinner with my paternal family @ a coffee-shop at Ghim Moh. Great-grandma & great-uncles were there. Papa & Mummy came late & we started the dinner without them first cos we are hungry. The aunties & uncles ordered a lot of dishes.

By the time Papa & Mummy came, we had almost finished our dinner. Then the uncles ordered some more dishes. Guess papa had a hard time finish all the dishes. 😛 (He doesn't like to waste food). Hmm... as they were eating their dinner, I was wondering why is it so special to have this dinner. Then I found out from mummy that it is supposed to be a reunion dinner with great-grandma. Our reunion with shu-shus would be on another day. Our official traditional dinner would be on Saturday which is the Chinese New Year's Eve! So busy! So many dinners to attend! Amilie busy! 🙂

While Papa was trying to finish the food, Mummy brought me to the playground to play for a short while. So happy! After a while, mummy's phone rang & we went back to the coffee shop. Hmm... everyone was taking a new pair of chopsticks & standing up....
[singlepic id=290 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Then, everyone started to 'attack' a plate of dish (known as Yu Sheng) & throwing the food up in the air shouting some auspicious phrases... Heard alot of winning lottery... Haha! Seems time I also want to play!

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