To Grow With Love

To Grow With Love

Length: 21 Episodes
Genre: Comedy
Main Cast

Myolie Wu as Ho Mei Tin
Andy Hui as Dai Hei
Selena Li as Kok Boa Lok
Kenneth Ma as Mai Ka Fai
Claire Yiu as Soong Man Ying
Jack Wu as Lam Kun Hei
Chun Wong as Ho Nim Heung
Gigi Wong as Yeung Siu Lan
Matthew Ko as Joe
Eddie Kwan as Terry

Synopsis (Spoiler Warning)

Mei Tin (Myolie Wu) lives in the Philippines with his father Ho Nim Heung (Chun Wong) who is a very rich man. Mei Tin's father is always interfering in her relationships and trying to arrange ideal suitors for her as he is afraid that these suitors are in for his money instead of loving his daughter. One day in order to flee from her father's ideal son-in-law (Kenneth Ma), Mei Tin decides to escape to Hong Kong.

Over in Hong Kong, she discovers that it is an entirely different world from what she was used to in the past. There, she discovers everything and everyone is judge by how one looks and wears. Packaging is everything and can decide how far one can succeed in life. Discrimination abounds if you do not abide by the rules. Dai Hei (Andy Hui) is very typical of those who follow by the "Packaging" rule. A very capable young man who owns his own fashion store selling his own label, he's very pragmatic and judge people purely on looks and will especially discriminates against those who do not fit into his ideal world.

Mei Tin ran into Dai Hei many times during her stay in Hong Kong and they clash a lot due to different personalities and outlooks in life. However in order remain in Hong Kong; she decides to take up a job offer as sales personnel in Dai Hei's company. Mei Tin's time in Dai Hai's company was very tough with Dai Hei always picking on her and finding ways and means to kick her out of his company. But time after time, Mei Tin always finds the means to retaliate back and secure her job in the processes. In the meantime, Mei Tin is on the lookout for the person who finishes the wall painting started off by her.

As time passes by, Mei Tin discovers that the person all along she has been looking for is in fact the much hatred Dai Hei whom by then has become more amicable to her. Mei Tin is content to remain as Dai Hei's friend even though Dai Hei starts to have feelings for her. When Dai Hei was questioned by his girlfriend Man Ying (Claire Yiu) about his blossoming relationship with Mei Tin, he just brushes it off as friendship. Soon after, Mei Ting goes back to Philippines in anger as she discover that the reason Dai Hei is treating her so nice is because he is trying to transfer Mei Tin to another department as Mei Tin is not competent or talented enough to continue as a trainee designer.

Soon after Mei Tin return back to his father in the Philippines, Dai Hei is involve in an accident in the Philippines and loses his memory. Hilarious soon follows as Mei Tin assume the role of Dai Hei's girlfriend and try to convert him into someone who's the exact opposite of what he is in the past. However during this period of 14 days there, they manage to fall in love deeply.

As fate would have it, Dai Hei regains his memory and cannot accept the fate that he has fallen in love with Mei Tin during that period of time. Naturally, his defense mechanism comes into play and he denies that he is ever in love with Mei Tin at all even though he is so much in love with her. In order to forget Mei Tin, Dai Hei resort to proposing to Man Ying to forget Mei Tin.

In the meantime, Mei Tin return to Hong Kong to realize her dreams of becoming a wedding planner and her one of her customers has to be Dai Hei and Man Yin. Initially apprehensive about taking up this assignment, Mei Tin tries to reject it. However, secretly in her heart, she's is hopeful that Dai Hei is still in love with her and by taking up this assignment she can spend a lot of time with Dai Hei to try and reignite their love for each other.

As the date of Dai Hai's wedding gets nearer and nearer, he finds himself unable to stop thinking about Mei Tin and he began to regret making such a hasty decision in proposing to Man Yin. Finally, he decides to pluck up enough courage to confess his love to Mei Tin. From then onwards, comes a time of testing and trials for Dai Hei and Mei Tin in their professional and personal lives. They find themselves having to face the social consequences of becoming a couple. In the end, things turn out nicely for them.

The good
Andy Hui
Surprisingly this singer can act well; he fits the role of the character so seamlessly. Enjoy the part where he has to role-play Kenneth Ma's character, corny but hilarious.

Selena Li
She has improved since I last saw her in another drama. Her role as a money grabbing girl looking for rich husband is wacky and fun.

Kenneth Ma
Frankly speaking, I find his character funny, dorky and damn irritating and really want to strangle him at times. He's that good you know.

Jack Wu
You have to love the way he portray his "bo chap" (can't be bothered) attitude character.

The bad

Myolie Wu
I was so shock at first when I saw her in the first episode. Oh mind, she has really scarified a lot for this drama by gaining so much weight. Pity to say her acting in this show was just average. Nothing much to shout about, in fact I find her character a bit irritating to say the least.

Gigi Wong
You either love or hate her character for her meddling ways and how she goes about trying to destroy/help Mei Tin in her relationships. You would be hard-press to guess what her real motives are when she discovered that Mei Tin's father is her ex-lover.

Eddie Kwan
The leading man of yesteryears has fallen to such extend that he has to take up such meaningless supporting role.

The Ugly
Unrealistic storyline
This got to be one of the craziest storyline being moot. Can you imagine a person of Dai Hei's character able take all these things in stride when he regains his memory? Be practical and realistic, it would take a miracle for someone like Dai Hei to really accept Mei Tin. No prejudice here alright, just stating a matter of fact.

Mei Tin being beaten by her father
No idea why this is include in the script, totally pointless. Also, imagine a twenty plus young lady being beaten up by her father over last minute rejection of marriage. What type of father will force their children to marry unwillingly, damn b*****d!

Cast chemistry

Andy with Myolie
A lot funny scenes together but they lack the chemistry to really outdo the Jack/Selena pairing.

Jack with Selena
They are the couple with the best chemistry in the whole series. Fun and wacky, you will love the way their friendship blossom from typical bickering, to friendship, and then to care and concern and finally to love.

Kenneth with Myolie
Look very compatible with his dorky looks and her chubby frame and they share some funny scenes together.

Andy with Claire
Looks good together, a pity the chemistry is not there.

Myolie with Matthew
Total mismatch, Matthew looks too young for Myolie. Like big sister, little brother pairing.

Favorite scenes
Breaking Leg
Mei Tin is trying to pick up Dai Hei to send him to hospital after breaking his leg. Funny!

Daydreaming on the Bus
This is absolutely hilarious; daydreaming that your dream guy has fallen in love with you and then waking up to reality and being offer a seat by him just because he thinks you are pregnant! Class!

I'm back
The scene when Mei Ting come back to work in Dai Hei's company after he kicked her out. His face tells you all, absolutely cracking!

Mirror Image
The scene where Mei Tin imagines that Dai Hei pretend to be Ka Fai to win her love is simply hilarious. Good acting from Andy.

Worth watching
Average drama, one that you may want to watch maybe on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Love the scenes when Mei Ti and Dai Hei are still bickering, its fun to watch. However once they are on good terms, and especially the last part of the series it does kind of get boring and uninteresting.

Overall Rating

Ratings Legends
* Don't waste your time!
** Only watch it if you really need to kill off your time!
*** You may want to give it a try!
**** Don't miss it!
***** Definitely going to watch it again and again!

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