What's your favourite dating haunts?

Singapore although small in size, it does have a lot of interesting places for dating or married couples.

For a lot of couples, a normal date will involves a meal follow by a movie or a couple drinks, and maybe some window shopping.

For me and my wife, we always like to take a long slow work after a meal, preferably some place quiet and away from the city's bustle.

Before we got married, we always like to go down to Tanjong Rhu and take a slow walk along the Kallang river overlooking the indoor stadium, the scenery was beautiful and the ambience quiet and as we walked along those steps, we talked about our dreams and aspirations. At that time, there's this bazaar or pasar malam around and we would take our time to look through the things on display over there. I wondered whether this bazaar do exist anymore.

Nowadays, we prefer our long walks along the Singapore river instead. After a movie cum meal at either Tiong Bahru Plaza or Great World City, we would proceed to the footpath along the Singapore River alongside Kim Seng Plaza and from there; we would take our slow walk till Diamaru or Clarke Quay. Along the way we would discuss the week's events, the progress of our two fine children and other miscellaneous stuff.

This weekly affair is something I've always look forward to in my busy schedule; this weekly date allows me to spend some quality time with my wife. I wondered if there are any other similar places whereby one can take a long slow walk to relax and unwind.

Do you have any recommendations?

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One comment on “What's your favourite dating haunts?”

  1. long walks? that's nice....unfortunately I can't give you any recommendations on where to go in singapore since I am staying at kl...i wish the beach was nearby though for us to take walks....

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