Athina’s Eczema

Athina had very bad skin condition on her cheeks. We brought her to a lot of doctors and tried means and ways to cure her rashes. Every time when her skin condition get better, it got worse again. Here's how bad her condition are.

[singlepic id=1701 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Finally I searched online and get to know that there is a kids clinic nearby and the doctors are good so I decided to bring Athina to let the doctor see.

We waited for hours before it was our turn but I think it was all worth it. According to the doctor, Athina had eczema. And to prevent the rashes from developing, the best way is to keep applying moisturizing cream. The doctor recommended the Ezerra cream for Athina to apply. Till now, Athina's cheeks got better already. Thanks to the doctor's recommendation of the Ezerra cream.

I am still applying the Ezerra cream every time after bath and Athina had slowly grown accustomed to it and does not resist the applying of cream as the first time.

Here's one that with Athina's soft face.
[singlepic id=2043 w=320 h=240 float=center]

For mummies who are worried about your babies rashes, try buying Ezerra cream to give it a try.

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2 comments on “Athina’s Eczema”

  1. My niece had the same problem and my sis-in-law uses goat's milk soap instead of regular soap. Try goat's milk soap or google it and read about it. It really does help those types of rash.

  2. I second the goats milk soap. I used it for myself and also my son and it helped a lot with eczema. Another good product was "Lucas papaw ointment". Removed all nappy rash and cradle cap (rash on baby's head).

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