Music Wonderland @ Yamaha

Last night was the first lesson at Music Wonderland @ Yamaha for Amilie. Both of us think that it's a good idea to let the kids learn some skills when they are still young. So decided to let Amilie try out first.

I got to participate with Amilie too. We got to sing along the music, learn about the rhythms. Doing actions with rhythms and base on music for story. It's a very interesting class.

Amilie enjoys the lesson but she is much more interested in the electone that is in front of her. This morning, I played the CD that was bought in the course materials and Amilie do remember some of the actions that were taught last night.

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One comment on “Music Wonderland @ Yamaha”

  1. May i know what age is Amelie. I have a 1.5 yr old son and I wonder what would be a suitable age for him to start to love music?

    Amilie is 3 years plus. When Amilie was a baby, I like to sing nursery songs to her. The kids like to sing and dance to music. I guess just sing and dance to the music with the kids, they would love music. 🙂

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