Handmade Cards

From the time the children started preschool, the teachers had been teaching the children to make cards or crafts for occasions like Mother's Day or Father's Day. When they reach home, they will present it to us.

As they like to do handicraft, especially the girls, they will also do cards for our birthdays and anniversaries.

Though they used normal printing paper to do the card, the cards are still nice in my eyes. Most importantly, the cards are unique as all are drawn by our children.

On my birthday, I received cards from 3 kids and a red packet from Amilie as well. Haha! Can't remember how much she had given me but isn't that sweet?

The card drawn by Amilie with her red packet.

Amilie Art 7

Izaac's birthday card is simple as usual.

Izaac Art 3

Here's Athina's birthday card. She like her cards to be full of glitters.

Athina Art 2

On Mother's day, the children also did some craft and birthday card.

Izaac Art 2

Amilie said she did not want to take a photo but wanted me to film a video of her.
Here's the video she wanted me to take of her.

Athina's Mother's Day card was done in school and the school even taught her to sing a song.

Athina Art 4 Athina Art 3

She also came back to sing the song that she learnt in school. Haha! Because it is in Mandarin, it was really clear but I know the last sentence is loving you forever.

When it's our anniversary, the children and made cards for us. That day happened to be Tuesday and because of watching too much of Running Man, they came up with the Tuesday Couple. Hehe!

Art 4

Art 3  Izaac Art 5

Even though there are a lot of cards not shown, they are still treasures to me. I sure hope that they will still remember our anniversaries and birthdays when they grow up. Sure hope to receive gifts every year. Hehe

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