Zion Riverside Food Centre Part 2

We ordered quite a few dishes that night and split up the dishes to 2 posts. keke

So what are the dishes for Part 2?

We had fried carrot cake from Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway.

The carrot cake is really nice, just like the rojak in part 1. It's really yummy! The carrot cake is surprisingly, crispy, because of the egg. And the soy sauce is appropriate, not very bland and not too sweet. We also couldn't stop eating once we started eating.

Last 2 dishes are the desserts. It's next to the Carrot Cake stall.

Had taken their Ice Kachang with Mango Ice-cream long time back. So decided to try something different. It turns out to be quite a disappointment. The strawberry with atap seed wasn't to my liking. It's a bit plain and from my point of view, I think the strawberry syrup taste like medicine. Hubby's Almond Longan was also another 'normal' dish. Would give these 2 dishes a miss next time we went there.

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