Zheng Zhong Dong Bei Cai @ Chinatown

It's been awhile since we went to Chinatown for dinner as I am quite bored eating at People's Park. Which we used to frequent. Hubby suggested that we went to the street opposite the People's Park Complex for dinner. It's a North East Cuisine Stall.

Not sure what is the stall unit that we went to but its a 2 to 3 stalls beside the Sarawak Kuching. The shop was crowded with people, most of them are not locals.

Here's the signboard if you want to patronize the stall:

Here's the dishes we ordered that day:

My first thought when I saw the fried rice ($4 per plate): there's a lot of vegetables. And maybe a bit plain. 😛

Cereal Prawns ($15 per plate) was not bad, though presentation wasn't that nice, probably they could consider selling smaller plates of cereal prawns as we ate quite a lot of prawns that day.

Seaweed soup are saltish, I don't really like the soup.

The small bao are nice and the skin of the buns are quite thick.

The warm chrysanthemum tea drink smell nice but we think the taste is a bit bland. However, it goes well with the oily food.

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