Waraku @ Marina Square

Had a gathering with some friends at Waraku @ Marina Square. It's my first time there and I do like the ambience there. We had our own privacy chat as the table was separated as though we are in a cubicle ourselves.

We each ordered our set of dishes and some side orders to share among ourselves. Here's the dishes we ordered:

This dish was nice. Can't exactly remember how it taste like but it look abit spicy. 🙂

Don't remember which of my friends ordered this set meal, but the dish look appetizing and yummy! 😛

Here's what I had, well, to tell the truth, I don't like this dish at all, thought that the soup was like normal soup but it's too creamy and I don't really like that taste. Anyway, I didn't manage to finish the dish.

The set is very filling, with rice and noodle and there are a lot of ingredients for this set. And I feel, it's worth the price.

The 2 dishes were ordered by my friends. Not sure how the dishes were. Guess next time after I had tried it then I will know then.

And some side orders:

I quite like this Aspara Bacon. It's nice and yummy!

The ebi tempura is nice too. Though common but still nice.

That's all for the dishes we had at Waraku that day. It's really a nice place for chit chat and had some fun.

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