The Rajah Inn @ Tiong Bahru

After a year of our visit to The Rajah Inn. We decided to had our dinner back at the stall. We were early that day and no queue was required. We had ala-carte buffet that evening.

There was a change in menu. They have added quite a few new dishes and have also added a new soup base. We had 1 herbal soup and chicken soup base.

Here's some of the dishes we had that day.

The meat balls taste nice with the sauce. It's juicy and yummy!

Tahu Telor looks like another dish, rojak. The beancurd is soft and filling with the beansprouts. It's very yummy with the rojak sauce and the peanuts.

The fish glue is still one of our favourite. We ordered 2 plates of these. The fish glue still as yummy, fresh and delicious. 🙂

Bacon and the prawn combination is yummy.

The fried chicken wings are normal though. Nothing really special but it's nice to dipped into the mayonnaise sauce.

I like the BBQ prawn. Ordered 2 plates of it. Like the sauce that they BBQ with. It's sweet and nice.

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