The Magic of ChongQing Hot Pot

One of our friends suggested having our small gathering at The Magic of ChongQing Hot Pot at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Normally, I would put up pictures of the yummy food that I had but as my camera had decided to "'retire early" and my mobile phone's battery was low, I decided to "break" the rules and post without any pictures.

Though the ala-carte buffet dinner was rather expensive, around $40+ per person, I would say that all of us really enjoyed the meal.

The oriental design of the exterior of the restaurant stands out from the rest of the stores nearby. Though the restaurant was situated in a not-so-obvious location in the building, the restaurant was almost filled up the moment the restaurant opened the door for business.

2 types of broth for the steamboat (Spicy & Non-spicy) , the Ma-La (Spicy), soup was really spicy and yummy! Food was really fresh. You've gotta try the appetizer, Sliced Salmon and Sliced Squid, it was so fresh that we would have ordered a second helping if we could. Remember to try the free-flow of "ba bao" tea too. It's very refreshing and it's good when you are eating the spicy hot pot. Hehe

Cook the fresh prawns, meats and other dishes into the yummy chicken broth or the spicy herbal broth. Dip it in their special sauces and enjoy the nice sesame taste of the sauces. Yummy!

They do have dishes like spring rolls and other side dishes. All are yummy!

After you could stuff yourself till you almost couldn't eat anymore, there are still desserts! What's for desserts? It's a small Man Tou, 1 small piece of Tapioca Cake (I think) and 1 small piece of Chestnut Kuey.

Well, after the last serving of ice-cream, you would be so full to move yourself out of the seat. And if you going to ask whether is it worth it. I could say that I did not regret spending that $40+ for the hot pot dinner.

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  1. I love eating 麻辣火锅! I love the feeling that i couldnt feel my tongue after a hot and spicy meal! 😀

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