Taiwan Porridge @ Bukit Timah

As our fridge broke down few weeks back, we went to Bukit Timah Courts to look for a fridge since hubby’s friend was working there. After buying the fridge, we decided to have our dinner nearby.

Hubby’s friend brought us to the Taiwan Porridge and we decided to settle our dinner there. We had the sweet potato porridge once again and the guys had a few bowls of porridge.

We ordered some dishes based on the recommendation of his friend.

The sweet and sour pork, which we also ordered the first time we went there. It’s still as tender but the portion is still very small.

The Szechuan Vegetables were crunchy and yummy! It’s hard to stop eating that.

The fried fish (can’t remember what dish this was called) was crispy and yummy! I liked this dish and yes, he didn’t recommend wrongly.

We ordered an additional Fried Cereal Prawn but I find the prawn was not as crispy as expected. But it’s still quite yummy and tasty.

The dishes would be much better if they were bigger portion as it’s not really filling for 3 persons. It’s also a bit expensive for the quantity they served.

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