Redhill Food Centre

RedHill Food Center, near to Redhill MRT station, there's a lot of good food to eat. 🙂 Had been to the food centre a lot of times and it's always that busy. Some stalls do have long queues during dinner time.

Was there recently and here's what we ordered.

Had wanted to order the Prawn Noodle but was sold out and decided to settle on the next stall's Laksa ($2.50) . Wasn't expecting much from the dish and it's just alright. There's a lot of cockles though. 😉

Hubby wasn't a 'noodle' person, so he ordered duck rice. According to him, the duck rice is yummy! Well, looking at the 2nd picture sure looks very tempting. keke

Both of us wanted a warm dessert. The usual dessert stall which we usually patronised was closed that day. So hubby order from another stall, Mei Le Yuan. It's actually quite cheap. Was expecting $1 per bowl but it's only $0.80 per bowl. The Tao Suan is nice and sweet. Yummy!

Till next time! 😉

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