Parklane Deli House

Went Suntec the other day to buy clothings & shoes for Izaac's first birthday. Went Liang Seah Street and wonder around to see what food to eat and finally decided on the Parklane Deli House (Steamboat Buffet). It's actually the same branch as the Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee House.

Not only do they have soup bases, they also have porridge as soup base. They have 4 different types of soup bases. We took the seafood and tom yum as our soup bases. The seafood soup is really yummy! The tom yum soup is sour but I still prefer the seafood soup. It's very tasty & 'sweet'. Really yummy!!
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As the place is not very big to place all the food out for display, therefore for the meat & seafood, we just need to place the order for the food to be served to our table. We order chicken, sotong, sea cucumber, prawns & crab. The rest of the food can be taken from the display.
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Hubby took some cute fish cake. Isn't that cute. It's nice too. Liked the chicken too. Yummy! Other than the crab which wasn't that much to my liking. The rest of the food are yummy! Especially because that the seafood soup is very yummy!
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Oops! Almost forgot, the sour plum drink is yummy & refreshing too!

The whole meal costs about $35 so if you are at Liang Seah Street and no idea what to eat. Maybe you can try the steamboat buffet at Parklane Deli House. After the buffet, you can still order the free ice-cream. (We were too full to eat the ice-cream) 🙂

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