NYDC Dinner

It's nice of my friends to come visit us aka the little kids. Had our dinner at NYDC @ Holland Village.

It's a cosy cafe with bears and in a 'cottage' designed cafe. It's very 'kids friendly' too. 😉

They had kids meal @ $2 with every main course. Order the spaghetti for her but she couldn't manage to finish. I should have shared the spaghetti with her instead.

Before the dish arrived, they also provide crayons and paper (which is the kids' menu) for children to color.

Amilie do enjoy the coloring session while waiting for her food.

She also got a balloon (her favorite) at NYDC too.

Here's the spaghetti she had and the pasta that I had.

Spaghetti and Pasta taste yummy. I did taste Amilie's Spaghetti a bit and loved the taste. Pasta was yummy and cheesy too.

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2 comments on “NYDC Dinner”

  1. It's cool that there are places that are kids friendly back home. Over here.. they ain't that friendly..! you should see the forks and spoons they provide for my poor chloe to eat. So we always carry our utensils.. for chloe everywhere we go.

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