Mother's Day @ Crystal Jade

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Happy Mothers' Day to all mummies! How do mummies celebrate yours? Hubby treated his grandma & mum to Crystal Jade Restaurant @ Holland V on Saturday morning. Me? Well, little Tangs still small, so hubby representing little Tangs to treat me too. (I assume 😉 )

The place was quite packed with families having breakfast at around 10am. (Probably celebrating Mothers' Day too) Had a heavy breakfast that day.

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Egg Tart (sorry bout the pic, that's what left of it when I wanted to take the pic 😛 ), hubby's giving good comments for the egg tart saying that it's better than some of the egg tarts that sold elsewhere. Well, it's alright for me though. 🙂

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Deep Fried Beancurd Skin is crispy but it was quite small plate and there's only around 4 to 5 pieces for our table where there's like 1 small piece (as shown in the pic) for each of us.

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BBQ Pork Bun is yummy. The meat is tasty. Just nice for me. 🙂

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Seableam Porridge is nicely cooked. The porridge is soft, there's the taste of the ' in the fish porridge. No 'stinky smell' of the fish. Yummy! The 2 little Tangs love the porridge too! The fish is very fresh and tasty.

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The Chee Cheong Fun is plain for me. Not to my liking. Think its abit tasteless. keke

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Steamed Chicken Feet - hubby ate the most cos' I wasn't into chicken feet. (Not my kinda food 🙂 )

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The prawns in the Siew Mai & Ha Kau are big and fresh. Yummy!

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I have forgotten the taste of the Deep Fried Abalone Dumpling, probably had a small bite of this dish as I was full after so many dishes.

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Amilie took some pictures with Great-Grandma & Grandma while waiting for the last dish (the waitress changed another plate for us as she said that it was 'over fried')

Didn't see much changes in the dish that was served to us 😛
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Personally, I think the food is nice but not great enough to specially make a trip for a meal there. 😉

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5 comments on “Mother's Day @ Crystal Jade”

  1. Happy belated mother's day to u 😀

    wah, crystal jade actually let u take photos ah? not bad :p

    i like their dim sums too but like u said, not worth the special trip there lor. the suckling pig n roasted pork platter is really good though, a must have on every one of our visit there hehe.

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