Hong Kong Street @ Dawson Place

Happen to go there for dinner and found that the foodcourt had changed to Hong Kong Street at the 2nd level. It's very food court style and there was a lot of patrons. We took a seat outside the eating place fearing that we might smelled of food if we were to sit in.

Nobody came to serve us and hubby went in to take the menu. Price wise was a bit expensive then the Cze Cha stalls. And although it was expensive, there's still quite a number of patrons. So there must be a pulling factor.

The Yummy Food!!

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Prawn Paste Chicken ($8) (again) is yummy! It's not as saltish as the other Prawn Paste Chicken that we had eaten before. And it taste better this way. It's really yummy!

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Fried Rice ($4) is tasty and very nice. The rice is fried evenly and every rice taste just as nice. It smells nice too. Yummy! However, find it a bit saltish after awhile. 😛

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Beancurd with Crab Meat ($8) is very nice. And don't think that there wasn't much crab meat in this dish. There was really a lot of crab meat (not crab stick) in this dish. It's really nice and yummy. Too bad, we had this dish with Fried Rice, think it would be better taken with plain rice so that the saltish-ness would not 'clash'.

Though the price is a bit more expensive than the Cze Cha stalls, think it's value for money. They do have Dim Sum and Porridge too. Probably next time we could try the Dim Sum or the Porridge.

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