Hong Kong Street @ Dawson Place

Went to Hong Kong Street for lunch this time. Other than the main dishes, hubby and friends ordered some Dim Sum too.

The Dim Sum wasn't as nice as the main dishes. As what they commented, struggling with my dish that I decided to give the Dim Sum a miss.

Here's the main dishes we ordered:

The bee hoon is quite nice, although very salty. It would be better if the meat was much more fresher.

According to hubby, the fried rice was very nice.

This dish is the first time I heard of it. According to friends, it's consist of beansprouts,sliced fish and hor fun. Which they call it as 'San Lou'

And the Dim Sum that they ordered:

See the 'juice' of the small bun. However, the skin and meat wasn't that nice. 😉

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4 comments on “Hong Kong Street @ Dawson Place”

  1. Hi mamatang

    We dine there once a month cuz my parents stay at Strathmore. Wow..you really into taking food fotos and they look mouth watering. : )

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