Happy Valley Cafe @ Tiong Bahru

Had passed by the cafe a few times on the bus and finally got a chance to try their food. The interior of the cafe looked like a foodcourt with pictures of Hong Kong sights. It was a rather small place and there wasn't many people when we went there for dinner.

The dishes arrived...

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Was expecting to see a 'Creamy' style of mushroom and it's surprising to see a 'normal' and healthy soup ($4.50). Soup is yummy but a small bowl. (Guess it's meant for 1 person only). The soup was tasty enough. Not very saltish or bland. And if I remember correctly, they did added in ginger to enhance the taste.

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That's a special Pork Chop ($8.00). The taste was really unique. That's the first time I tasted this kinda pork chop. Probably they had cooked it with milk or some similar taste which I am unable to pinpoint till now. It's yummy!

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This dish ($10.80) blends well with the pork chop. Not sure whether they had forgotten to add some salt in this dish or the dish meant to be a bit bland but I do agree that the prawn is very crunchy. And because of it's 'bland' taste, it actually helps to 'get rid' of the strong taste of the pork chop. The base of the dish is just like eating mui fan.

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[singlepic id=1537 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Very nice and lucky name. It's a simple dish with vegetables in it. I could actually 'drink' the 'juice' of the vegetables as I bite into the Golden Bags ($6.80). It's healthy and delicious. Yummy!

Hmm... don't expect much of the designs of the cafe as it was quite badly designed (my views 😉 ). Food was yummy but was quite expensive as compared to some of the cafes we been to. (Think when there's comparisons, its not one of the best) Would I visit again, probably would. There's still noodles to try. 🙂

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