Fish Noodle @ Suntec Republic

It's quite early in the morning and it's easy to get a seat at the Republic Food at Suntec. Wanted to take something light that day so I ordered a bowl of fish soup noodle and shared with the little girl.

The little girl loved and fish and requested for more after she finished her portion of fish (she did not finish the noodle though)

The fish soup was quite tasty and nice. Though it wasn't something special. But think Amilie do like the fish and the soup.

Here's the picture of the fish soup.

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One comment on “Fish Noodle @ Suntec Republic”

  1. I certainly miss the convenience of getting good food.. at cheap prices.. from home. I wished to be home.. to let Chloe try all sorts of food.. 😉 now she only eat certain kinda food.. and that's not good at all.

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