Dallas Chicken & Ribs @ Chinatown

Hubby happen to pass by this shop while walking to meet me. As we have no preference on what to have for dinner. We decided to give that stall a try.

According to the guy at the counter, it operated just like any fast food restaurants. The set meals are like KFC. Both hubby and I each ordered a set.

As the place was quite empty, there wasn't any trouble in find seats. We sat down at a table while waiting for the meals to be served to us.

Saw the decoration on the wall and decided to take the picture.

Though it operate as a Fast Food Restaurant, the wait for the chickens were a bit longer. Finally, the chickens were served to us.

Here's the logo on the box that the chickens were served in.

The salt was not added into the fries and it was left up to individual to add. I liked that idea as some people does not like the fries to be salty.
As the chicken was just fried from the kitchen, it was very hot. The chicken tasted about the same as from KFC.

So you may wonder where's the location of this fast food restaurant. It's actually located at 12 Upper Cross Street

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