The Mind Cafe

Last night juz went to The Mind Cafe @ Boat Quay with my colleagues. Well, 1st time went there. Heheh, had a great fun & laughter.... Had our dinner there & played a few games.

I had a set meal which includes a main course, soup of the day, a drinks & a dessert.

Main Course: Spaghetti Salmon - Not bad... but I guess the food doesn't look appealing to me @ 1st glance with the mushroom sauce. Hahah!
Soup of the day: Cream of mushroom (again)- Didn't finish the soup though... guess quite full after the spaghetti.
Drinks: Mocha Float (Yummy!) Very nice taste. And yup! I like it!
Dessert: Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream - Warm brownie with ice cream. Sweet & Creamy! Yummy!
Some games we tried

Snorta! - Where everyone becomes an animal. Had a great fun making the animal sound & remembering who was who. Hah! Great for warming up the party.

Odds' R - A betting quiz game. However, its too much of a brain-work that bores us. zzZZZ...

2 other games which I dun remember the title... both very fun.....

1 is a team game where 2 people pair up & right person using the right hand and left person using the left hand, we are supposed to do the same as what the card show. Very fun.... & hilarious!

Another game is a drawing game. 1st the player choose a card to see what need to be drawn then after that each individual draw a picture according to what the card says. Next, another card is drawn and we are suppose to vote according to what the card say & whoever gets the most vote, get 1 point. It's very funny when we see the pictures everyone draw.

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