Teambuilding Course @ Sentosa on 170907

When I was first notified of going to the Teambuilding Course at Sentosa, I was skeptical about it. Having lazing around and not exercising for long long time. I wasn't quite enthusiastic about this course which I know would need to have some workout for my lazy bones.

Another thing each course would be allowed one from each section, which means I would be meeting people from other sections. I wasn't that outgoing type to clique with people. 😛 Oopsie! It's going to be a hard day for me!

The day came and it started all very well, minutes after starting of the course, I had totally forgotten the thoughts I had before the course.

Facilitators from the Focus Adventure were great and through the games we played, we understand how teambuilding is important. It's really an experience for me.

Here's some photos of our course that day. Photos taken and downloaded from the Focus Adventure Website

We started the day with some introduction from the facilitators and some warming up.

How we had spent time thinking and finally break the record. Without actions and only arguments, it won't lead us anywhere. 🙂 Sometimes a little encouragement would perk the spirit of the team too!

Restrict ourselves to a set of rules which sometimes wasn't needed?

Every one has their own roles to play in the team.

It's not always about individual, to work as a team, we have to build trust too.

Co-operation and co-ordination!

That's one interesting course that I've been to. 🙂

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