Poly Class Gathering

Its been so long since I attended another Poly Class Gathering. It's really fun to meet up with them for some catching up after so long. This time's gathering was organised by Bryant, who just had a chubby baby girl.

We met at Vivocity, Hei Se Hui or Bosses for dinner. The atmosphere was not bad, dimly lit and as we were given a seat with a nice view. The table was just right for about 10+ people but if more than that, don't think it will be enough.

Here's the whole group of people who were at the restaurant.

Here's the pictures

After going to Bosses for dinner, we decided to change to Bonbon Tea for ice-cream. As we were quite a large group, we were luckily to get a big room for dessert. The cafe was playing some Christmas songs and the kids happily danced to the music.


And we were there for surprise, as there were some fireworks show that evening and we were at the correct place to have a good view of the fireworks.


And guess everyone do enjoy the gathering and thanks to Bryant for organising this gathering. Sure look forward to the next one.

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