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Few weekends back, I promised that I would bring the kids go gai-gai that day. Actually was planning to meet my friends that day but something cropped up that day. To not break my promise for the 2 kids, I decided to bring them out for awhile.

Since I was quite lazy that day, I decided to bring them to Vivocity to play with water since they had enjoyed themselves the other time. So after packing up the things, we set out to Vivocity. The little kids were very happy about it.

When we reached there, the place is quite packed. Those 'good' and shady place were taken up and we could only managed to get a place near the small tree. The weather is very hot and the kids are glad to be in the water.
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Amilie was enjoying herself so much that she even managed to make some friends. See how much she enjoyed herself with her new friends. 🙂
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As the weather was really really hot, I decided to end the trip early. Amilie didn't want to get out of the pool and had to persuade awhile before she was willing to get out of the pool. Phew! Think the next time we should go there earlier in order to get a shadier place and the kids can play in the pool longer. 🙂
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