Mid-Autumn Festival Part 1

Well, this is a long backdated post. Had wanted to edit the video clips but seems like my laptop doesn't have enough space to capture the clips from the video cam. So decided to split the videos into 3 parts. Hopefully. 😉

The first part was in a weekend where we went for photo shooting at Chinatown and Clarke Quay and happened to past by the Telok Ayer CC. They were having a mini-celebration too.

I was attracted to the small tent between the 2 lantern displays. They are guessing the riddles of the words. Couldn't figure out the words though but it's quite an interesting sight. The 'participant' would say out the row and column number, then they would repeat the question followed by the answer (in between the drums). People who get the correct answer walked away with a little souvenir.

Here's a short video of the part 1.


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6 comments on “Mid-Autumn Festival Part 1”

  1. Haha shooi and Lian, probably time is moving too fast that's why we had forgotten about it.

    Huisia, yes, it's 猜灯谜, the riddles are quite hard for me to guess though. 🙂

    Thanks for the tag Lian. Love to have tag. 😉

  2. wah, wish there were something fun like this in KL so we cld bring the kids along..
    first time here. interesting blog. a lot to read and see. can i link u?

  3. hi Wen, thanks for visiting. Sure, I have linked you. 🙂 Thought there will be more places to bring the kids to at KL.

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