Jacob Ballas Children's Garden on 14th Feb 2009

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The first time that the kids went to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, they didn’t get to explore the whole place as it was almost closing time when we reached there. Think the kids didn’t have much memories of the place.

This year’s Valentine, we decided to have a simple morning family outing. As I was easily tired, we decided to go to Jacob Children’s Garden to let the kids enjoy. I didn’t expect the place was quite big, the other time; we didn’t walk through the Garden.

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We only managed to take very few pictures as I was quite tired to walk around. The kids got to walk through the maze with Papa while I sat down at the bench waiting for them. Then we went around and found the Tree House. The kids got to climb up the tree house and slide down from the tree house.

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But Izaac didn’t really enjoy the slide that much, probably he found it boring. Think the place is more suitable for the older children. The kids wore back their shoes after playing a while.

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The garden has a lot of huts with educational nature items. Papa & the kids took some pictures at one of the hut. We didn’t get in all the huts to see all the educational nature items, think next time when the baby come out then bring the kids to see the educational nature items again.

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After walking awhile, we saw the bridge and wanted the kids to experience the shaky bridge. The kids were scared and held on to Papa’s hands as they cross over. As they were closer to the other side of the bridge, they were braver to hold on the side of the bridge and completed the bridge.

Guess the next time to go to the Garden will be after baby come out as I didn’t have the strength to walk very long. And the kids might enjoy the Garden more.

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