Horton Hears a Who! Movie

It was my birthday and as I was working that day, we only managed to celebrate my birthday after my work. As I had already bought the tickets for the movie Horton Hears a Who! at Lido, we brought Amilie to watch. I met PapaTang & Amilie after my work at Lido.

Had our dinner there and as we were sitting near to the McDonald, Amilie wanted to sit with him after she finished her meal. She climbed up on to McDonald's leg. Seeing her so comfortably sitting there, I decided to take some picture of her and she gladly posed for me.

Being very hyper about taking pictures at that moment, I told Amilie to take a picture with Horton poster, which is the show we would be watching later.

And it's time to watch the movie! Amilie was excited! Though both of us don't really like the show, it's great to see that Amilie enjoyed herself. 🙂

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