Hi5 Concert

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Was really happy over the weekends. Why? Cos' I gotta see Hi-5 at Singapore Expo! I had been anticipating the concert from the day the commercial of Hi5 shown on TV. And after days and days of waiting (which seems like eternity) it's finally 9th September. The day of the concert! Yippee!

Woke up early and took dinner and bathe. Waited till daddy woke up from his short nap. And changed and yes! We are out of the house! Got on the cab and was getting excited as we approached nearer to our destination.

Passed by Lion Dance Performance and was forced to take pictures with the scary lion. I had to cling on tightly to mummy and was really scared. The lions with its furry skin and big head was scary!
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See how tightly I clinged on to mummy!

Finally we arrived outside Hall 3, that's where the concert is. Saw a small stall outside the hall selling Hi5 merchandised items. Hinted to daddy and mummy that I wanted something but was told to wait after the show. So I be a good girl and waited till the show ends.

We had something to eat before the show begins. Finally, we went in. Before entering the concert, mummy bought a hair band for me! It's got bouncy light bulbs connected to hair band.

When the show started, I was anxious and was a bit sign. It's my first time to a concert. And I saw the Hi5 onstage singing. Children near me was singing along and answering to them and I joined in too. Started to clap hands as they sing along. And as I started to be more comfortable, I stood up and dance along. That was fun!

Soon, it was for them to take a rest and for us to take a break too.

We took some pictures while waiting for them to come onstage again.
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And mummy took my hair band, which I wasn't really happy about.
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After the break, the Hi5 came onstage.
And there's also elephant!
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Soon, the show ended. And daddy and mummy got a balloon for me. Which burst before we reached home. 🙁
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And if you asked me was I happy? Well, a picture tells a thousand words. 😉
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3 comments on “Hi5 Concert”

  1. Oh, the younger kids are so excited over this Hi5 concert. My 8 yr-old niece was bugging me to bring her. I bought her the tickets and asked her Mom to bring her. She had fun.

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