Fun @ Changi Beach on 251008

As it was a long weekend, daddy decided to bring the kids to Changi Beach to enjoy some fun under the sun. To play with the sand and to swim in the sea.

The kids were excited about going to the beach and they were singing in the car on the way to the beach. Here's a small video clip of them singing:


As it was the first time we brought the kids to the beach, we bought a mat, a beach ball and a bucket and spade to play with the sand. We find a shady place to put our things and the kids were fast to take off their shoes to play with the sand.

The kids follow daddy by the seaside but they were afraid of the sound and movement of the waves.

After a while, Amilie got used to the water but Izaac was still afraid and wanted daddy to carry him instead.

Since Izaac was afraid of the water, we let the kids play the sand, trying to build some castles. But they were more interested in scooping the sand.

The sun were so hot and see what the kids do to keep cool.

Amilie enjoy the water and had a great fun in the sea.

While Izaac rest in the shade.

The kids also get to see the planes flying above the beach.

After the whole afternoon of fun at the sunny beach, all of us were tired and 'roasted'. 😛

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2 comments on “Fun @ Changi Beach on 251008”

  1. where is e mummy hiding?
    haha! missing ur 2 little kiddos =)

    mummy behind the camera. find one day meet up with you guys.

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